We are Vate Care.

We engage at-risk patients to screen for chronic disease and improve health outcomes

How we work

Patients and providers face huge barriers to screen & manage disease

Early detection is the best way to reduce cost of chronic disease

People at risk screen the least and latest

Vate helps you engage your at-risk members to screen for disease

We help primary care providers to increase practice revenue and improve patient health for their most underserved patients

We help health plans reduce total cost of care with early detection for their costliest patients

Our approach is proactive and personal

We engage at-risk patients with our proprietary behavioral change AI and help them schedule a screening appointment

We provide primary care providers with evidence-backed, personalized recommendations on which diseases to screen for

Vate engages your patients in preventative screening

Reach more patients in a safe and human-driven way

Our empathetic AI-enabled conversational agent provides live call summaries, scheduling, and empathetic conversation

We interact with patients where they are:  
on the phone, over text, and by mail

Reduce physician burden with data-informed recommendations

Our clinical support tool provides evidence-backed recommendations on diseases to screen for each patient